Looking Back On Our Engagement Photos

A close girlfriend of mine called today to ask about my wedding dress (she’s currently dress shopping), and if I had any pictures of it that she could use as a reference for what she’s looking to buy. Her question sent me down the rabbit hole of looking at old pictures from my wedding, which then led me to our engagement photos.

I realized while I was reminiscing that we took our engagement pictures exactly 4 years ago this week. I can’t believe how quickly time flies! In 4 years we’ve managed to pop out 3 kids (2 of those were at the same time, but wow), move across the country to Virginia, and live in 2 different apartments and a townhouse. It amazes me how much we can fit into the span of a year!

Our engagement session took place in downtown Minneapolis near the Stone Arch Bridge. Versatile Photography was amazing and we were able to do 2 outfit changes as well as shoot all kinds of poses under the bridge and on top of it to create the perfect shot. Toward the end it started to rain, but we didn’t care. Love will do that to you.

Our first outfit choice was a little more laid back, whites and blues. For our second, we decided to dress it up a bit more with a suit and dress. I loved that we got two completely different looks. The more laid back version we shot under the bridge by the water, and the snazzier outfit choice on top of the bridge with the city in the background. Both looks show off the two sides of our personality – we like to go out, but we also like to Netflix and chill.

If you're taking your engagement pictures soon, congratulations! I'm so happy for you and I pray for God's blessings on your wedding and marriage. I hope these inspire you and I look forward to hearing from you.

With Joy, Jessica
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