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My Favorite Things: What I Loved Following My C-Section Birth

Pregnant mommy with her toddler

Maybe you're planning to have a C-section, or maybe you found out that a C-section is your only option like it was for me with my second pregnancy. Either way, if you want a C-section or have to have one, this list of my favorite things to have postpartum is for you!

When I found out my second pregnancy was twins, my doctor let me know a caesarean birth was pretty likely. It's a lot harder to flip two babies into a head down position when they're lacking the space to do it!

I did quite a bit of research into what I would need postop, and after having gone through it, I can tell you with certainty why you will appreciate having these things too.

1 - The Perfect Postpartum Panties

I'm not kidding when I say these are absolutely going to be your best friend. These undies are so comfortable, the cotton is breathable, and with no elastic or tight edging they won't irritate your swollen belly or stitches.

I wore them every day for almost 8 weeks while I was healing from the C-Section. I wore them again after having abdominal surgery. Plus, they come in several different colors. Trust me, they are perfect. Buy them here.

2 - Nursing Nightgowns

I LOVED these nightgowns from motherhood maternity. I lived in them, especially while my stomach was swollen and sore following the C-section surgery. I had a really hard time wearing sweatpants for a few weeks while everything was tender and healing, and these nightgowns were the best.

They are as soft as they look in the picture, come in different colors, and because they are nursing nightgowns they worked perfectly for unstrapping and nursing or pumping. Seriously, between my favorite underwear and these nightgowns, it was the closest to being comfortable post surgery as you can get. Buy them here.

3 - My Favorite Comfy Pants

One of my close girlfriends sent me these pants before my surgery, and I ended up loving them so much I bought a second pair. The colors are cute, they have a few different patterns, and they are comfy. Like, comfy.

It took me 3-4 weeks before I even felt like putting pants on. But once my belly wasn't as tender, these were the only pants I was able to wear. The drawstring band keeps them up and doesn't squeeze tender skin the way elastic does. Trust me, I think you'll love them too. Find the comfy pants here!

4 - Postpartum Mesh Undies

If your hospital nurses don't load you up with goodies before you leave, or you forget to raid all of the drawers, you might want to order a few of these to get you through the first week or two.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about a C-section was that I was cleaned out pretty well and didn't bleed nearly as much as I did following my vaginal birth. That being said, there is still some bleeding and it's nice to have disposable undies that can be tossed in the trash. I bought a few extras to have around and I'm glad I did. You can find them here.

5 - Scar Cream

A C-section wasn't my first choice for my second birth, but not everyone feels the same way as me! If a C-section birth is in your future, you're probably thinking about that scar and if there's any way to lighten it up or make it less obvious.

I used this for a few months following surgery after everything had healed up, and I think it worked really well for me. A year postop I had a very faint scar line, and honestly I barely noticed it. I recommend trying this product out!

6 - My Favorite Laxatives

Since you're going to be a mom, or you're already a mom, 💩 is going to become a part of your regular vocabulary. That first postpartum poop for me was awful. Between the pain meds backing me up, and being backed up anyway before even going into labor because the twins blocked my bowels, I was in for a world of hurt. Dulcolax chews helped get things moving.

It doesn't really matter which way you give birth to your baby, these will be a very necessary part of your postpartum journey. Get them here, and I pray you have a better experience than me. Seriously.

7 - Antibacterial Soap

This soap came recommended by several surgery websites and friends of mine that had a C-section before I did. While it may or may not be necessary to wash with antibacterial soap following your caesarean birth, it did make me feel better knowing that I was washing away any bacteria and keeping my incision as clean as possible.

I ended up having zero issues or infections, and my scar healed extremely well. I think this soap helped with that.

8 - Comfy Cardigans

I ended up wearing cardigans a lot during the first few months postpartum. Since I spent an entire month in nightgowns, I tended to get chilly at night, and sometimes during the day. Having comfortable cardigans with pockets to stash cough drops in, my Airpods, phone, chapstick, and any other random items that I wanted to carry around with me was useful. And they kept me warm.

You can find wonderful cardigans here! But this is one of my favorites.

9 - My Favorite Nursing Bras

I tried several different types of nursing bras and these ones are truly my favorite. They provide wonderful support, are padded to help with leaking and keep you from showing those leaks, and work well whether you're full or depleted.

They come in a few colors, black, nude and purple. After nursing I would tighten the straps up, and before going to bed I would loosen them to accommodate waking up with full breasts. But I have to say, the incredible support was my favorite. I lived in these for over a year. Worth it.

I hope you find this list helpful! I honestly couldn't get by without these things, which is why they're my favorite. Trust me when I say those panties WILL be your best friend.

I pray you have a very blessed pregnancy, labor, and birth! I often quoted my favorite verse while I was pregnant, and it was nice to have it in my head when I went into labor. Perhaps it will strengthen your heart the way it did mine. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

With Joy, Jessica

Picture of twin baby feet

Please note that this blog post includes affiliate links from Amazon. If you do choose to purchase something, I may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Thank you for your support!


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