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Nashville: 7 Things To See In Music City

Nashville: 7 Things To See In Music City

One of my favorite cities in the United States is Nashville. You know when you travel somewhere new, and you get this feeling of being home? I experienced that when I went to Nashville for the first time, and every time after that.

While walking around the city I thought, "I could live here. This feels like home to me." I love finding a place that speaks to my soul that way. Like somehow, we understand each other.

The first time I went to Nashville was with my husband, then boyfriend. We did a crazy road trip to Disney World from Minnesota, and one of our stops along the way was Music City.

Nashville was supposed to be a pit stop on our way to Florida, but it became so much more than that. We loved the entire trip, but honestly, Nashville was the city that spoke to us and lived with us long after we returned home.

If you're planning a trip and Nashville is on your list, here are the ways this city is amazing.

Broadway Street & The Stage

After we checked into our hotel room, we set our sights on Broadway street and Music Row. We walked up and down Broadway and decided to have a late lunch at Margaritaville.

I honestly couldn't tell you a thing about the food, because what I remember the most was the country singer that serenaded us the entire time we ate. I fell in love with the city right then and there.

What I noticed about Nashville was the talent everywhere we went. Every bar and restaurant we walked by or went into, had better singers playing than almost anyone I had seen in concert.

Mikael and I spent that evening closing down The Stage, which is renowned for launching country singers to stardom. Make sure to get there early to claim a good seat! It gets packed as the night wears on.

The Grand Ole Opry

I probably should have led with this one! If you have an opportunity to take in a concert at The Opry, do it.

During a work trip I had the chance to see Dierks Bentley and it was an experience I'll never forget. The concert was incredible; everything from the acoustics, to the lighting, to the singing. So if you can swing it, get tickets for The Grand Ole Opry!

Grand Ole Opry, Dierks Bentley

Visit The Many Museums

There are quite a few museums in Nashville to see and spend time at. There is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, The Johnny Cash Museum, Patsy Cline Museum, Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage (former President of the US), Nashville Parthenon, Madame Tussauds Nashville, and several more. Plan to spend a little bit of time at a local museum if you can.

We spent a morning at the Country Music Hall of Fame and an afternoon at the Musicians Hall of Fame. Both museums were an enjoyable experience for us. They both have musicians' artifacts, donated clothing and instruments, and other interesting memorabilia.

I would say personally, of the two museums, we enjoyed the Country Music Hall of Fame more. It had fascinating stories and facts about singers we listen to, so that was our favorite!

Nashville Centennial Park

Another museum we enjoyed and spent some time at was the Nashville Parthenon. The Parthenon is a full scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and it's located in the center of Nashville's Centennial Park. It's well worth a visit!

The park boasts an art center, historical monuments, a beautiful sunken garden, an arts activity center, and so much more. The garden is a one-mile walk around a lake and the monuments.

Mikael and I loved the exercise and seeing architecture in the park. Make sure you set aside some time to enjoy this museum.

 Nashville Centennial Park

The Bluebird Café

Have you seen the TV show Nashville? I was a little bit obsessed with it when it came out.

My obsession is why we had to make a pit stop at The Bluebird Café. Tickets go on sale a week in advance of the show date and need to be purchased as early as possible in the day to get a table.

Everything is sold out almost immediately after it's made available, so if you're interested in catching a show here, be ready to make it happen! Take a look at The Bluebird Café for more information.

The Bluebird Café in Nashville Tennessee

Stay at The Gaylord Opryland

If you're looking for an awesome hotel to stay at while you're in town, look no further because The Gaylord Opryland Nashville is where it's at. It's absolutely amazing.

The Gaylord has an entire indoor Atrium park complete with waterfalls and fountain shows. Enjoy dinner with the sounds of a waterfall in the background. Or have coffee on your hotel room balcony that overlooks the indoor fountains and park.

Staying at The Gaylord was one of those life experiences that I will never forget.

Music City Walk of Fame

Nashville's Walk of Fame is located on Music Mile, and it features all musicians, singers, songwriters and anyone in the music industry who has made a contribution or has a connection to Nashville.

The Walk of Fame is completely free and located on Demonbreun Street. They also have induction ceremonies as well.

If you're headed to Nashville, I hope you find this list helpful! Let me know what places you visited and what you loved about it. I know we'll be back again soon, and I'm always looking for new ideas and places to see. Share your knowledge with me in the comments!

With Joy, Jessica


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