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What We Learned During Our Twin Newborn Photography Session

What We Learned During Our Twin Newborn Photography Session

We had our newborn pictures taken 4 weeks after our twins were born (they spent a few weeks in the NICU), and I had no idea how much work went into photographing a little baby (or two).

It’s hard work making those bundles of joy look so adorable! Props to all newborn photographers, you guys rock.

The lovely Rachel from Rachel Yearick Photography came to our home for the photography session – and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the way they turned out.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your newborn photos, take a look at my Twin Newborn Pictures article.

Our photographer was amazing and prepped us with a lot of information, but there were a few things that would have been helpful to know beforehand.

So, thanks to a few bumps that we experienced, here are a few tips and tricks to make your newborn session easier.


1 – HAVE BOTTLES PREPARED IN ADVANCE – why? Because those little suckers babies get hungry, often. Especially if they’re being swaddled several times, put into different outfits, or moved into positions to get that perfect photo.

We fed and burped our little babes about 20ish minutes before Rachel arrived, but the movement from our session woke them up often and made them hungry. Or maybe we just have hungry kids??

Either way, I wish I had prepared a few bottles in advance.

2 – HAVE SEVERAL OUTFITS READY – just in case there’s a blowout. Our little Evie hadn’t had a single blowout since we brought her home from the hospital.

During our 5 hour photography session, she had 4. We changed her outfit so many times! Not only did she blowout her outfits, she spread the joy into my lap, onto my dress. Which brings me to my next point…

3 – PLAN BACKUP OUTFITS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS – you know, in case someone poops on your lap. Thankfully, her blowout was a similar color to my dress (yuck), but I was able to hide it for the photos.

I did have a backup dress in my closet ready to go, and I would definitely suggest having backup outfits for all family members who will be photographed. Because poop happens.

4 – KEEP BABY SUPPLIES NEARBY – like diapers, wipes, burp rags, swaddles…anything you think you might need for a diaper change or to wipe up a baby in a pinch (and keep them warm during outfit changes).

And don’t underestimate how many diapers you might go through, or just how many burp rags will get used. We took our photos in our bedroom near the changing table, but if we hadn’t had those items handy it would have been annoying to traipse all over the house looking for what we needed.

Be ready with extra items, just in case!

5 – PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT FOR OTHER CHILDREN – such as an iPad, or TV, or activities to keep them occupied.

Our daughter Skylar could only stay focused for so long before she was *over* it. I would suggest having a few items ready to entertain any other littles that might be photographed.

6 – HAVE CLEANING SUPPLIES HANDY – to wipe up any baby poop or spit up from an outfit (or dress). I had shout and Oxi spray in our laundry room down the hall from our bedroom.

I ended up using both of those items on my dress and on an outfit Evie pooped on. If your newborn session is in a studio, bring a few cleaning supplies with you to be prepared for the unexpected mess.

7 – PICK OUTFITS THAT YOU CAN SWEAT IN – because the room will be warmer than is comfortable for any adult, but that’s how we keep those babies warm and sleepy!

So pick outfits that don’t show sweat very well, otherwise you’ll have a nice armpit ring.

8 – AND LASTLY, PREPARE FOR THE UNEXPECTED – like your newborn session taking twice as long as planned. Instead of 3 hours, ours ended up being 5.

Sometimes photo sessions have to be rescheduled because your newborn won’t cooperate that day. Just be ready for anything to happen!

newborn twin photography

Those are my suggestions for a successful newborn photography session! Do you have any you would add? Drop me a comment with your helpful hints and tricks!

And be sure to take a look at My Favorite Things For Newborn Twins if you're preparing for two babies, or wondering if you might be missing something that would make your life easier.

I pray you have a very successful twin photography session.


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