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Hi, I'm Jess!

If you walked into my home I would pour you a cup of coffee and have you sit at our kitchen table. 


We would talk and get to know each other and share about our relationship with Jesus and the amazing ways He has showed Himself faithful. 

And then we would get interrupted about a hundred times by my kids.

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My prayer is that you leave more inspired than when you arrived.  I pray that you find an article that speaks to you, speaks to your heart and that it encourages your walk and journey with Jesus.  

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Hi friend! I'm so glad you're here...

A little bit about me…


I’m a stay at home mom living in northern Virginia with my husband Mikael, and our three kids, Skylar, Erik & Evelyn. I love Jesus, coffee, family & friends.

I spend a lot of my time studying the Word of God, praying, listening to sermons, and reading inspired books.  One of my favorite things is to read the Bible and pray for God to reveal the secrets within; it's a prayer He loves to answer!

I'm a follower of Jesus and that is at the heart and center of everything that I write about.  I pray that my life is a living testimony to His saving grace and that you leave here filled with His comfort and strength.

Mikael and I were married in 2016...

and moved the same weekend from Minnesota to Virginia!  So our marriage has had quite a few twists and turns from the very beginning. 


We love to travel, find adventures near our home, visit breweries and wineries, and hang out at the house with our little family.


While we miss our MN people, we love living in VA and making new friends here too. The nicer winters are a definite bonus.

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I would love to connect with you...

and hear your story! Email me at or sign up to receive updates on new blog posts.


I’m on Instagram and Pinterest too, let’s be friends!

And if you're ever looking for a little extra encouragement in your Instagram feed, check out my business Instagram @hallstromheartandhome. 


It's filled with truths and Holy Spirit inspired words to help you feel closer to the Lord.  I pray it lifts you up and fills your heart with peace and joy.

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Welcome to the Hallstrom Home!

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Jesus Says You Are Forgiven!

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Trust The Lord In The Wilderness

Trust The Lord In The Wilderness

But what happens to our faith when we go through a wilderness season or dark period? That's what God wants to know. He wants to know if we can follow Him in the valley. He wants to know if we'll remain faithful to Him when things get hard. The truth is, our trust tends to wane when we are led into a wilderness season.

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The Blood Leaves A Stain

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Mourn The Loss

Mourn The Loss

When we mourn things that have happened to us, we work through our sadness and grief. As we mourn, a healing work begins in our hearts and our bodies won't take on our pain.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

I’m always interested in hearing from those who stumble onto my blog. We can talk about whatever is on your heart!  Reach out via email @hallstromheartandhome.

Drop a comment on an article if it touches your heart.

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