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Pray The Blood Over It!

red cardinal, pray the blood of Jesus over your troubles

One afternoon I was sitting at my desk and thinking about a situation over and over in my head. If I'm being perfectly honest with you, I was stuck in a negative mental loop. Instead of bringing my thoughts captive to Christ I replayed this scenario over and over.

Quite literally as I was thinking negative thoughts about this situation, suddenly a bright red cardinal flew right by the window I was next to and perched on the windowsill outside. I was barely 2 feet away from this bright red bird.

I halted my negative loop immediately and then I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Pray the blood of Jesus over it." And I did. In that moment I surrendered this situation to the Lord and prayed His blood over it. I prayed His blood would cover it completely, and for restoration, redemption and favor to reign in this area.

What Troubles You?

If there is anything today that is robbing you of your mental freedom, pray the blood of Jesus over it! We can get stuck in negative mental loops, and all that does is keep us chained to the situation. Instead of finding freedom we end up remaining stuck in our past or in our negative ways of thinking. Praying the blood of Jesus over our troubles provides us freedom from our troubles, but it also brings about restoration and redemption. We can't redeem ourselves or our problems. But Jesus can. His blood paid for it, so pray it over your life and your problems!

Some time ago the Lord gave me a deeper understanding of the word Egypt in Hebrew. I believe there is so much depth in understanding what Egypt means and how what we think is so vitally important to the health of our mind and body.

The meaning of the word Egypt in the Greek is Temple of Ptah, Married to Tragedy. In Egypt the Israelites were slaves to another people, they were in essence married to a tragic life. They couldn't get out of it because they were bound to it through chains. They needed freedom, which could only come by way of a miracle!

Do you know anyone in a tragic marriage, or maybe you yourself are in a marriage of tragedy? Pray the blood of Jesus over it! The blood bought your freedom and will provide you with the miracle you need.

But what does Temple of Ptah mean? The name Egypt is an English rendering of the Greek name Αιγυπτος (Aiguptos), which in turn is a transliteration of the Egyptian Hwt-Ptah, meaning Temple of Ptah. Ptah was Egypt's creator-god who had created the world via his thought and his word. (Abarim Publications)

What we think becomes what we create. I believe this translation in the Greek shows us that what we choose to think and believe can cause us to either be in bondage like the Israelites, or free from slavery if we keep our focus on Jesus Christ.

Just as the children of Israel needed a savior to get them out of Egypt, so do we today. We can also stay married to tragedy if we replay negative situations over and over in our mind.

But the Isrealites didn't call Egypt by this name. Instead they referred to the land of Egypt as Mizraim. Mizraim has an especially interesting etymology. In Hebrew Mizraim means Double Siege or Double Distress. It comes from the word (masor) meaning siege, and from the verb (sur) meaning to bind, besiege. It's also derived from the word (mesar) meaning distress and the verb (sarar) to bind.

This is how the Israelites pictured Egypt: it was a place of double distress, double siege because they lived in a place where they had no rights. Even worse, they were completely controlled by another people and their men were whipped and their children slaughtered. Listen to this "Another derivation of this same verb is the noun מצורה, stronghold. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament notes that a stronghold or walled city may be an instrument of protection during the first stages of a war, but will turn into a lethal trap if a siege last long. A beautiful figurative use of this word occurs in Psalm 31:21, where the author compares himself under siege by his troubles."

What we choose to allow into our minds can become a place of stronghold for us! If we play negative mental loops over and over in our minds we can actually create a stronghold. Just as the Egyptians had a god who created the world through his thoughts and his word (does that not sound like a rip-off of our lovely Creator?) so too can we create tragedy by thinking negative thoughts about our situation. We end up becoming married, in bondage, to what we think. We can end up like the Psalmist, under siege by our troubles!

One of the meanings of the verb (sur) in Hebrew is to lean or incline. When we lean into any negative train of thought we end up being bound by our troubles. This is why it's so important to bring our thoughts captive to Christ!

We can choose what we incline toward. The Bible is very specific, it says "My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings." (Proverbs 4:20 NKJV) We can either incline our minds and our bodies toward troubles and distress, or toward the word of God. But we have to choose with intention what we listen to and focus on.

Don't Focus On Your Troubles, Focus On The Blood

I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me a beautiful word of wisdom that day when He said to pray the blood of Jesus over my troubles. Sometimes it's hard to capture thoughts we have been thinking or looping in our minds for years, maybe even decades. And I believe the Holy Spirit is saying today that we don't have to fix our troubles, we just have to let Jesus and His blood redeem and restore them.

When we pray the blood over our area of slavery, we end up doing just as 2 Corinthians 10:5 says to, we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

"We are destroying sophisticated arguments and every exalted and proud thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought and purpose captive to the obedience of Christ." (Amplified Version)

All this verse means is that we bring our thoughts to Christ. Was Christ perfectly obedient in His life? Yes! All we have to do is is take our thoughts to Him, and He will give us victory over our troubles. Jesus bought our victory and freedom through His blood, this is why we pray the blood over any situation that is keeping us in bondage!

The Lord wants us to bring any and all things to Him. Whatever has us in bondage in our thoughts, those things must be surrendered to Jesus.

Whenever the situation comes up in your mind, pray the blood over it. Every time. And watch as the blood of Jesus goes to work for you bringing about victory and freedom, wholeness and forgiveness, healing and restoration, redemption over every area of your life.


With Joy, Jessica

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